Month: November 2012

  • Sometimes?

      .. But SECRETLY I’m hoping they get hit by a car. PostSecret: Sunday Secrets.

  • From Disney Imagineer to killing thousands of mice with cancer

    It seems unlikely that supergenius Danny Hillis was unhappy with his time as a Disney ‘Imagineer’ . Where, according to this week’s Nature, he got to do very cool things like design themepark rides. But I wonder what Mickey thinks about Danny’s new job; killing a lot of mice with cancer. Cancer research kills a lot of…

  • Language learning tools and tips

    Here are few tips, tricks and useful sites that I am finding helpful in learning Brazilian Portuguese. I’d be interested in hearing your suggestion too. 1. Self paced learning a.Don’t if any one saw this article in the Guardian today ( It promotes a scientifically proven way of learning vocabulary efficiently and a website that…