telling lies makes jesus cry.

among the lies we tell to children most do not survive to adulthood:

  • mummy can’t always make things better πŸ™
  • santa claus is dead. πŸ™
  • simon the goldfish didn’t go to live with the other fishes in the river πŸ™
  • some misconceptions do persist but this is just due to stupidity or ignorance:

  • actors are not the same in real life as the characters they play
  • gambling is a mugs game.
  • david copperfield can’t fly.
  • ignorance and stupidity are largely responsible for the prevelance of religion in many places (on satellite television or in the whitehouse) but that cannot excuse everyone. the pope is a very clever man, so is tony blair. but so what if it is good for society?
    here’s what Religion is bad mythology

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