Harry Lesser

From: Anthony H Lesser
Date: Tue 07 Oct 2003, 13:38:46
Subject: the meaning of life

I don’t think anyone has the answer to this or claims to–as no doubt you know. Nor have philosophers normally tried–philosophy is normally about the more modest questions of what we can know and what we ought to do, and has not solved either of these, though I think it has made useful contributions. Incidentally, there is no reason to think that the contributions of dead men are any less useful than those of live men.
The sensible thing to do, as you probably know, is not to worry about this, but to give one’s life meaning by spending it, as far as possible, in doing things which one finds worthwhile–satisfying to oneself and helpful to others. Some of us think philosophy is among these, but because it helps with some problems rather than giving an overall answer!
Harry Lesser

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