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Is my Blog HOT or NOT?

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maybe someone down here likes me?

what an absolutely fantastic weekend. where did it all go right? what have i done to deserve this. I won’t go into details because you wouldn’t follow me and even if you did follow me you wouldn’t believe me and … Continue reading

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Rewriting Ovid

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It’s Alive!

for my final year project i am attempting to teach a computer to think like a three month old baby.. obviously it must must lie around drooling a bit before it can gurgle and play hidey-peep with me but we’ve … Continue reading

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I moved into this flat 5 years ago today.. it really doesn’t seem very long ago at all.. back then in the distant days of the twentieth century, back before we all had digital TV’s and ipods. (how did we … Continue reading

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lightning romance

in romance i desperately want to be struck by lightning but I don’t know where’s the best place to stand, most everywhere i go seems like a coalmine when i ought to be running round on a blasted heath in … Continue reading

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Jamie Ward – Synaesthete spotter Went to a good seminar today all about synaesthesia, progress in understanding it is coming thick and fast.. mostly it seems due to the guy who gave the talk – Jamie Ward (at least that’s his version!) here’s some … Continue reading

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who knew who in shakespeare’s plays some geeks with a bit of culture!? who knew!? Social Relations in Shakespeare using PieSpy Julius Caesar: Forever, and forever, farewell, Cassius! If we do meet again, why, we shall smile; If not, why then this parting was well … Continue reading

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I was stitched up!

At the risk of getting to self-obsessed but because i know a lot of people are dying to see here are a few more pictures of me. Those of you with of nervous disposition look away now.

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office party…1159286,00.html 12-hour rave catches police on the hop It was the kind of wild party people talk about for years afterwards. More than 400 revellers kept a huge illegal rave going on four floors of an empty office block for … Continue reading

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