It is not often I deign to comment on politics or newspapers but something the White House said stung me, although I almost immediately realised they weren’t the only ones who were daft or disingenuous in this case. Plus it follows on tenuously from my last post.

Moore footage shows new CIA boss ruling himself out[Guardian]

Goss, who served in army intelligence and the CIA 30 years ago, said: “I couldn’t get a job with the CIA today. I am not qualified. I don’t have the language skills.”

Porter Goss is set to take over from George Tenet.. He explained, “My language skills were romance languages and stuff. We’re looking for Arabists today. I don’t have the cultural background probably.

“And I certainly don’t have the technical skills, as my children remind me every day: ‘Dad, you got to get better on your computer.’ So, the things that you need to have, I don’t have.”

The White House dismissed the footage as “hearsay”.

All the guy really seems to be saying is that he wouldn’t get an entry level job in the current CIA, an uncontroversial statement of their supposed focus of technology and Persian languages, yet Moore is reported as suggesting this is him ruling himself out of the top post.. a wholly different barrel of pitch. Naughty Michael Moore!

Meanwhile, did I read that right!? ‘The White House dismissed the footage as “hearsay”.’ Now, I’ve heard it said that GW Bush is stupid but I’d always imagined his staff were smart (and so clearly inexcusably, irredemably evil) I also thought that everyone in Washington was a lawyer, so I cannot conceive of how they can say what I just heard!!?

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