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the face of professionalism

my photo in the company online phonebook

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Monkey X

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speed breakdown

sleeping in a supersoft bed my walnut pickled with alcohol I had dreams of medium weirdness & spirit-ual vividity. I was amongst friends and as always in my drunken dreams I was drinking still (i love these imaginary after-after-hours extra … Continue reading

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olympic equestrian events – shouldn’t the horse get the medal?

in addition to the workers who’ve died building the olympics, there’s a fair chance some of the horses competing in the equestrian events will die of heat exhaustion so if there’s anyone who doesn’t deserve their medals surely it is … Continue reading

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stuff as dreams

PROSPERO We are such stuff As dreams are made on and our little life Is rounded with a sleep… — The Tempest (IV, i, 156-157) A new category to capture the stuff of my dreams. To chronicle the highly personalised … Continue reading

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MonoMono I only just discovered that the Spanish word for ‘monkey’ is ‘mono’. How fantastic! I’m even more pleased than when my sister pointed out that Onemonkey Limited is not a criticism but merely a restatement of my singular nature.

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todays micro naps

10-11am an orange banner hanging down at the back of a medaeval great stone hall, it is shaped like four fingers pointing down. wanting a cup of tea that is neither black nor green nor herbal or anything in between

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July 2004 Reading List

Heres’ what I read in July: Quicksilver – Neal Stephenson Truly monumental, the first 900 pages of his 3 tome Baroque Cycle. Vagabonds, spys and savants swash & buckle, philosophick & politick their way through the Northern Europe of 1660’s … Continue reading

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Was university the best time of my life? No and yes!

The first I went to university in cambridge and it was a whole heap of uselessness.. I was mediocre at my subject & compounded this by attending no lectures, I was predominantly anti-social & socially awkward, I didn’t make any … Continue reading

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Aloadof Orlando?

This was the Urban 75 book group choice for July Apparently I described it as “The Bluffer’s Guide to Bloomsbury” … I don’t remember saying that but I will gladly take the credit.. It is certainly inline with my opinion … Continue reading

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that chimp is yawning – not boring Jim Anderson from Stirling University has found evidence for sympathetic yawning in a group of adult chimpanzee’s in the Kyoto University’s Primate Research Center.. That’s one more for Prof Matsuzawa to add to his repertoire story:

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one more reason to shop at… er… safeway

a couple of weeks ago I was vindicated in an uncertain descision not to desert dessert and to have the cheese course at dinner with my beloved and her lovely mother. I am not normally a three-course diner but what … Continue reading

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Axis of Logic

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work, rest and play

my working day is unevenly divided into four modes of functioning determined by two not necessarily independent dimensions; the relative conceptual difficulty of my task (dull or challenging) and it’s practical difficulty (if it works as it ought or doesn’t … Continue reading

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