my round

well in a few minutes i am off down the pub to undo all the good work a month without alcohol might have done me but to be honest.. i haven’t felt better this month, i haven’t lost weight or slept better, i do not find that my skin is clearer or my hair shinier. all in all i haven’t felt any real benefits from [I]not[/I] drinking

but then I haven’t really missed drinking either.. there have been a few nights were i have gone home early, or felt a little bored. and I have on occasion got a little sick of tomato juice and all those throat stripping fruit drinks but never felt so bad that I had to have a drink. Mostly, it has been a fun experience, a novelty and a valuable exercise in teaching me that just because i am out doesn’t mean that I have to drink.

Glad I did it, think it will result in me drinking more moderately in future and made me feel more familiar and comfortable about my relationship with alcohol.


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