Incorporating W.H.Wrigley

ashton 24hr funeral services

I am glad I spotted this sign before they renovated their knocking off shop, this sign has gone to a better place but I’ll always remember it.

For the past year I went past it pretty much daily and for most of that time i smugly congratulated myself on spotting that a 24 hour funeral service is a pretty ridiculous thing. The last time you are ever going to need to hurry will be once your dead. In fact, I find the whole idea of calling an undertaker at 4 in the morning all very distasteful.. The body isn’t even cold and you are rushing it out of the house.

I was also rather impressed with myself for musing on their three hundred and five years in business. Good steady work; undertaking. Dying is a good living.

BUT I missed the best joke of all..

Incorporating W.H.Wrigley


but sadly it’s gone from the new version of the sign, relegated to a minor laff on their front door.

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