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Fish out of water

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ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS…ts-9-11-01.html I’m an amateur at Gnoming compared to the mighty Grouchobeer.. who’s throw-away jokes are worth most of the rest of the (english speaking) site. This is just one panel from a recent masterpiece.. Read the rest here. But perhaps, … Continue reading

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three bedrooms six car garage

http://www.hardestyreales…tings/regan.htm looking for pictures of houses to bore babies with, i don’t think i can use this one as they’d surely be too bamboozled as to why it needs such a large garage.. This 1998 built home has 3 bedrooms … Continue reading

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Economic Man is psychotic Good article at the Harvard Magazine, surveying the impact psychology is finally having on modern economics.. In some ways it makes the dismal science seem even more dismal since it shows that free and efficient markets never will be … Continue reading

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Operation Clone Jesus – pt 16

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30th Skeptic’s Circle…246735118295231 The 30th Skeptic’s Circle is out. And it must be good because I’m in it. Hosted this fortnight at Paige’s Pages

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Operation Clone Jesus – pt 15

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The Selfish Gene – 30 years on…2075334,00.html Coming up to the 30th anniversary of the publication of Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene. An edited version of his foreword to an anniversary reissue appears in the Sunday Times online: Perhaps the most telling quote.. Many critics, especially … Continue reading

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Dennett and Swinburne talk past each other

http://www.prospectmagazi…ils.php?id=7365 Prospect Magazine has an exchange between Dennett & Richard Swinburne.. It’s very lucid but mostly one comes away with the a sense that they can’t even get their discussion started so vastly different are their perspectives… and i find … Continue reading

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Not written for Charlie White

I will not waste my short life pleading that you agree with me. I am obviously right and if you cannot see it then I wonder how deep your ignorance goes. I wonder by how far you are misguided. But … Continue reading

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Operation Clone Jesus – pt 13 & 14

13.. 14..

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Three small-minded numbers

http://www.christianityto…/003/26.44.html Having been foolish enough to trespass onto the ChristianityToday website, I have only myself to blame wasting a part of my life reading Charles White’s sophormoronic ‘big numbers prove God is real’ article. You probably already know how that … Continue reading

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Heimatssicherheitabteilung…ief-can-we.html A light-hearted if profoundly disturbing piece at Evolving Thoughtson the Department of Homeland Security (aka der Heimatssicherheitabteilung) taught me two new things. The Heimatssicherheitabteilung meme and that Mel Brooks was responsible for the 70’s TV comedy Get Smart.

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Operation Clone Jesus – pt 12

Thanks to Gnomz!

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LaBush and Cheney – Mine are okay.. but this guy is brilliant…

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