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The king’s players

At Shakespeare’s Globe they take your title very seriously.

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Scientists kill supercute Tasmanian devils with face cancer.

These cute little beasties are biting each other and getting face cancer in the process. Cedric appeared to have natural immunity, so scientists at U. Tasmania deliberately infected him. Sadly, he wasn’t immune so they put him down. But they’re … Continue reading

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tommorow’s meme tooday

OPPS – Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog credit to bigmoney

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Richard very Scary

Children’s Books All Grown Up.

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PostSecret is my new favourite blog. Not that my puny clicks will add much to the 354,708,351 they already have. Which makes me realise that this is yet another meme that i arrived late for. Or maybe, I came early … Continue reading

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Three out. Of three.

Who needs an octopus to demonstrate publication bias? The door of my spare room has pretty good track record so far. Although, it is more of a psychic bouncer than a sports pundit. If I paint your name on it, … Continue reading

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FAILE goes Monumental in Lisboa

I don’t know the story behind this ruined remixed monument by FAILE in Lisbon but it is utterly fantastic. more here: DFLEKTOR blog » Blog Archive » FAILE Lisboa.

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Unbeatable Eggs!

Unbeatable Eggs? | Skepchick’s Flickr.

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Sad but happy!

So it turns out there was a more complicated version of the happiness flowchart via flowing data – Path to happiness gets complicated and confusing. I will pass, thank you. I am pretty good at being happy. I think every year … Continue reading

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Horizontal version of the leaning tower illusion

The leaning tower illusion won the VSS Illusion of the year contest in 2007. Below is horizontal version of  the same thing. These two photo’s are completely identical.. Bloody hell, can’t believe that these are the same… « Richard Wiseman’s … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Comics and no misstake

Dinosaur Comics is my favorite web comic. Imagine Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes at twenty-six rather than six, and as a tyrannosaurus rex rather than a Calvinosaurus . Dinosaur Comics -awesome fun times!.

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Proof that football is a global(ised) game.

Look at this cool visualisation of world cup 2010 footballers, at the top they are grouped country they play nationally for, at the bottom by then country they club football in. 2010 World Now compare it to the same graph for … Continue reading

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Napoleon illusion.

Long before the Margret Thatcher illusion there was this double image of Napoleon the captions read: bu?u?n??? ??nbu?p?q     ??? o? bu?ob ??nbu?p?q ?u?u???? ??nbu?p?q – ????nb ?? ? ?u???? ??nbu?p?q Badinguet Allant a la Guerre – Badinguet Revenant … Continue reading

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Atheist scum, 1871 vs 2007

Artist George Cruikshank, 1871 via BibliOdyssey: 1870s Caricatures. Artist Martin Rowson, 2007 via New Humanist magazine

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Velcro ants can hold down moths 10,000x their weight

If you don’t yet subscribe to Not Exactly Rocket Science then you may not have seen these amazing pictures yet. Teams of teeeny-weeny ants gripping hoooge insects on fluffy leaves using teeeny nippers and the ‘velcro principle’. Ambush ants capture … Continue reading

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