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'Gross Facts I'

  • from 'Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour'

    by Richard D. Gross

    Theories of Sleep (p.115)

    "Jouvet placed cats on a small island surrounded by water and allowed them to remain awake or to go into non-R.E.M. sleep. However, whenever they entered R.E.M. sleep, they tended to slip into the water and woke up; prolonged deprivation of R.E.M. produced abnormal behaviour, including hypersexuality and, eventually, death."

    Perception (p.267)

    "Reisen reared chimps from birth to seven months of age.

    Debi [one of 3 chimps] spent the whole time in darkness…

    As expected, Debi suffered retinal damage."

    Look out for more 'Gross Facts' coming your way, soon!!!

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