Being ye True Historie of ye Olde and Glorious webdom of ye restless and wise Caspar here described for ye enlightenment of discerning gentlefolk.


The Creation: 29th April '98 - 29th May '98

A hodge podge of flotsam and jetsam collected in a season of surfing was mixed with scraps leftover from activities in other media and novelties, conceits and notions assembled especially for this electronic arena.

The new begining: 30th May '98

Just as cynicism is reported to have 'died on May the first 1997' (source: Rt. Hon. A.R.P Blair MP) So I hope that today will mark another fresh start that will make Casparshire a 'beacon' (cf.) to the renaissance of cynicism, the choice of content over style, the end of shallow and hipocritical sanctimoniousness, and defeat of 'Evil' John Wilson of TV angling fame.
At the moment however, the only differences are the new frontispiece, a few mathematical symbols taken out of context and a handful of java
On this day in historie...

Exit the Dragon: 2nd June '98

The truth hurts. What benefit to mankind of our new found knowledge of the size of craters on the darkside of the moon, or of each little ice crystal in the desserts of Antartica? Not at all, but how great the damage done to dragons? Forced ever further afield as the boundary of 'uncharted territory' recedes, dragon society become ever more sparse and normal social relationships break down, lonliness drives these extrovert creatures to madness and desperation. All to sate the wanderlust of overgrown boyscouts overdosed on 'frontier spirit', who seek to boldly go where-ever they are not wanted.
Seek and you shall not find...

Whale Song: 7th June '98

Extrovert creatures driven to madness and desperation. Sounds familiar? History repeats itself, and we are unwilling to learn from our mistakes. Indeed, we go out of our way to repeat them on ever grander scales and with ever worsening consequences. All the while content with the 'progress' we have made, our willful misunderstanding of the world around us, leads to new ways of destroying it. Aesthetics and morality will always take a backseat to 'economics' and greed, it was always thus, and may ever continue to be so. If we were to pause for a moment from the pursuit of our base pleasures and strain to hear an argument against our way of life, then this surely is it.

It's business, not art: 14th June '98

"Never forget the reason you're here." The advice given to every director by his studio. While actors and technicians can just turn up for work the writers and directors have made a pact with the devil and sold their souls for their time in the light. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just remember who you work for the cynical executives beholden to some mythical shareholders, the paper embodiement of a capitalist nightmare, able to tell profit from loss, but not right from wrong.
The bad, the bad, and the ugly..

Ex Nihil Fit: 23rd June '98

In the words Rugter Hauer in his famous Guiness ads, "If it didn't exist, you would have to invent it." And since this was advertising the exact opposite is probably true. No matter. The fact remains that much time and effort is squandered by people, who ought to know better, looking for things they can never find. While simultaneously, many millions more are not searching or question anything, blissfully ignorant. Their minds have been made up, almost always by someone-else when they were young and impressionable. And what is more they are 'right' because whatever their opinion they have God on the side, and as countless wars have shown with the big G batting for your team, how can you possibly lose?
Uppercase 'G'!...

A plague on both your houses: 31st June '98

Paris and London...

The good doctor: 11th July '98

London early this century was home to three great detectives, Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown and Dr. John Watson.

The End: 1st August '98

Do many people commit suicide online?
See you...

A small step in the wrong direction: 23rd November '98

A most extraordinary journey, Three mismatched travellers, A happy ending. An american dream realised. But at what cost? Countless billions squandered on a propaganda junket, the tangible benefit to mankind, a carcinogenic pan coating.
It's there...

The Future...

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