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Vipassana – vaguely sensational.

Two weeks before Christmas I went on a 10 day silent retreat on a former farm in Hereford. Or, as one friend describes it, Meditation Boot Camp. It certainly was tough but now I’ve had a few weeks to recover … Continue reading

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The best essay on the meaning of life I’ve ever read.

As you may know I once asked every philosopher in the UK about the meaning of life. It was a slightly depressing experience. Only 22 out of a possible?644 replied . Those replies were great. Being philosophers they didn’t actually … Continue reading

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Emily Dickinson proved wrong by science twins!

Emily Dickinson was a remarkable genius but one of her most famous observations has just been blown sky high by a pair of 14 year old twins. Emily wrote: CXXVI THE BRAIN is wider than the sky, For, put them … Continue reading

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Carlton Mansions Eviction

Lambeth council are acting very unreasonably towards my neighbours in Carlton Mansions. Brixton Buzz have the story here. I’ve written to the Coldharbour Ward councillors. Dear Councillors Anyanwu, Heywood & Parr, I am writing to express my concern and disappointment … Continue reading

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Poorest hit hardest as Rio prepares to profit from World Cup and Olympics

A couple of independent filmmakers have released this partially completed documentary charting the corruption connected with Rio’s megasports preparations. Favelas are being cleared by very underhand means with the police and militia illegally forcing people out of their homes so … Continue reading

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What Einstein really thought about God..

“The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement, is … Continue reading

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Saint Horatio’s kidney and the J2 Project

Charlie Stross has been talking on his blog about another book he won’t bother writing. This one would be about a plucky investigative reporter who upsets a billionaire, is poisoned and receives a kidney transplant from a priest. The priest … Continue reading

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My TalkTalk nightmare enters its second year.

It is now exactly one year since my troubles with TalkTalk began. In a nutshell, they came to door offering to match the price of my existing service. I was interested and gave them some details. It turned out they … Continue reading

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Sterile Motherfather Mary and Intergalactic Jesus created on 2006-01-08 13:46:18 Ari MooreCC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Searching through some old emails for reflections on the topic of absurdity..  I found a wonderfully topical article from Dec 2001 edition of the London Review of Books. Jerry Coyne was … Continue reading

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How to complain effectively: a case study.

TalkTalk never listen to me on the phone so I am having to write them a letter. Without any sense of irony, they have an article on their site instructing you on how best to complain when you have dealings … Continue reading

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Papal Ice Nine

I thought this recent Facebook vignette is worth saving for posterity or pitching to Roland Emmerich. Although, since it was on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg now owns alls rights to this idea so it’s his call. Caspar Addyman is wondering if … Continue reading

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I’m sorry Alice

Maybe it is the recent experience of protesting against the pope that has me seeing paedophilia everywhere. Or, without knowing it,  i’ve become a Daily Mail reader. Which gives much the same effect from completely opposite causes. Anyhow, somehow my … Continue reading

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Three out. Of three.

Who needs an octopus to demonstrate publication bias? The door of my spare room has pretty good track record so far. Although, it is more of a psychic bouncer than a sports pundit. If I paint your name on it, … Continue reading

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It’s not funny but grudgingly engaging.

I’ve never laughed at the “antics” of Noel Edmunds, Jeremy Beadle and all the other Candid Camera cunning stunts. Antics are all very well when it’s Tom and Jerry or other cartoons but i’ve always felt very uncomfortable with any … Continue reading

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Protected: Break-up or breakdown? You decide!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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