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Regulars readers may know that onemonkey had brief incarnation as a dj. My good friend Yossarian and I used to encourage whales to provide vocal tracks for drum and bass records. You can hear the results of this cetacean collaboration … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas will fit in one small bag

Every year my family ask me what I want for Christmas. Every year I put them to the test. This year is no different but it is a different test. This is an email I´ve just sent them from Berlin. … Continue reading

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You can’t do that.. just think of Health and Safety

[youtube W4o0ZVeixYU] Fast lane at Berlin, Alexanderplatz

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Seeed – Ding

a lot of my nights in Berlin were like this [youtube]MNRNGesJGcc[/youtube] mostly thanks to the dirtyraggasquad and their friends.

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The battle of Oberbaumbr¸cke…&g2_itemId=5253 It tickles me that I will be able to tell my grandchildren that i fought the Germans for their benefit. Of course, I don’t plan to have any children so quite how i tell their children anything is something … Continue reading

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Uncle Albert and the Cosmic Raymonds Ich habe keine besondere Begabung, sondern bin nur leidenschaftlich neugierig. – Albert Einstein* It’s Einstein year here. The 100th anniversary of his annus mirabilis, as I am sure you knew. The exhibition was really good, packed full of neatness … Continue reading

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the eyes are having it

i was falsely accused of being high on drugs last night.. by this guy of all people.. it happens to me a lot. people spot my massive pupils and conclude i am halfway to the moon. it is simply not … Continue reading

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Vor dem Palast in Rom

When in Rome one might expect people to speak Italian or possibly Latin. Here in Berlin, I didn’t necessarility expect to be sitting in the theatre in Tachales watching Titus Andronicus performed in Japanese. Why am I here? I just … Continue reading

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Dancehall Vibes & Streetside Violence Had a great night at Rosi’s for some lovely reggae with remarkably versatile MC-ing from Gunjah Deluxe & Madame Mimi, see september pictures But as I shuffled out into the night for my first bad experience in Berlin. wandering … Continue reading

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Before I came here I thought I’d learn some German before I arrived.. I bought Michel Thomas’s excellent 8 hour course and another crap nine hour course that seems to be mainly designed for american tourists who want to complain … Continue reading

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pass the sick bag

All packed and ready to go but feeling a little sick in the stomach.. it might be the extra hot vegetable chilli i had for lunch but i rather suspect it is nerves. Haven’t done anything like this since i … Continue reading

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Guten Tagging…&g2_itemId=3389 The graffiti is everywhere but although i’ve wandered the streets at pretty much every hour of the day and the night I have yet to spot anyone creating it. Perhaps that is part of the point. Or so I … Continue reading

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Nights at the Circus The Circus Hostel has quashed a few of my prejudices about hostels, their uses and users. In my defence, my previous experience consists of school trips to draughty YHA hossels in Scotland and Brecon where even though you are … Continue reading

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Stanstead -> Schˆnefeld

As that wise man Douglas Adams pointed out, it is probably not a coincidence that no language on earth has a use for the phrase ‘as beautiful as an airport’ yet architects continue to rave about Stanstead. In the past … Continue reading

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