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Fresh brains attack the zombie problem

The future of zombie research It’s about time there were fresh brains in zombie research. So, it’s great to see that once again neuroscience is breathing new life into a topic that has had the life sucked out of it … Continue reading

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Disappointing the stupid and credulous since 1999

Either the silly season started early or they’ve finally run out of things to write about Diana & Maddie because for some strange reason the News of the World are now calling me. I just got a call from some … Continue reading

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Cultural Hacker Alert

If somebody called RICHARD DAWKINS adds you to their facebook account DONT accept it because he is a cultural theorist. DONT tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you get them on your list … Continue reading

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Slayage Also, thanks(?) to Big Monkey, I found this follow up to my recent post: I guess if i had thought about it, I would have known such a thing existed but I still can’t help wondering if it is … Continue reading

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Atom smasher may give birth to ‘Black Saturns’ If we ever make black holes on Earth, they might be much stranger objects than the star-swallowing monsters known to exist in space. According to a new theory, any black hole that … Continue reading

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and that is not all.. I think this little incident has inspired me to add a new category to my posts on this internet diary.. I had in the past treated this ‘blog’ in pretty much that fashion, as a … Continue reading

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why wikipedia is wicked Given that criticism is always easier than praise (is the second law of thermodynamics? I’m not too sure) it is inevitable that lots of people only ever see the problems with Wikipedia.. That because anyone can edit anything then … Continue reading

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