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Do as we say not as we do..

http://foiorder2009.writetothem.com/write On thursday MP’s are going to vote to exempt their own expenses from the Freedom of Information requirements that apply to all public institutions. I suggest you tell your MP that you are not happy. FOR THE ATTENTION OF: … Continue reading

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Save Parliament

http://www.saveparliament.org.uk/ FOR THE ATTENTION OF: Tessa Jowell MP Dulwich and West Norwood Sunday 2 April 2006 Caspar Addyman London SE24 CAddyman@onemonkey.org Dear Tessa Jowell, The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill seems like a very dangerous and ill-conceived piece of legislation. … Continue reading

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Big Ben and the midnight news

Dear Radio Four, For many years I had just assumed that the bongs on the midnight news were live. Then one day some months ago, I considered the impractical logistics of maintaining a lone dusty microphone in Saint Stephen’s tower … Continue reading

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where have you been?

So i just met Her Maj, Prince Phil and da princess royal.. it was more fun than i expected.. they were pretty dull but Buckingham Palace was darn cool.. Wasn’t expecting it to be quite as palatial as it was… … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor

It’s not often I write letters to public figures. But I spotted a bit of breath-taking stupidity in today’s Times that could not pass without comment. To the Editor, The Times Sir, It is unclear to me if it was … Continue reading

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More than my job’s worth

Tomorrow for the first time in a half a year I have to pull on a suit & rejoin the drones toiling at the nine-to-five in a faceless corporation, so I thought I’d let off a bit of steam baiting … Continue reading

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MSc Cognitive Neuropsychology

Dr. Michael Thomas Dear Dr. Thomas, Here is my application for the MSc. in Cognitive Neuropsychology; I enclose the completed post-graduate application form, evidence of my existing qualifications and my professional CV (for what it is worth.) References from my … Continue reading

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