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  • Intelligence?



    It is not often I deign to comment on politics or newspapers but something the White House said stung me, although I almost immediately realised they weren’t the only ones who were daft or disingenuous in this case. Plus it follows on tenuously from my last post. Moore footage shows new CIA boss ruling himself…

  • mind uncontrol

    more micronaps 11am The CIA are trying to coax me into a limo to accompany a very important kestrel. 12am A coiled cable on the table turns into a toilet seat

  • Literate Year – January

    one of my new year’s resolutions was to keep a note of the books i read this year, here’s what i got through in january: Don’t Panic – Neil Gaiman A good book for Douglas Adams/HHGTTG anoraks – recently revised edition, Neil Gaiman’s typically crystal clear style with lots of gentle in-jokes for the enthusiasts.…