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New Humanist Advent Podcasts

My old friends over at the New Humanist are doing Christmas in style this year. Not only are they hosting several Festivals of lessons and Carols for the Godless. They are giving you a little podcast advent calendar. Day 1 … Continue reading

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Rubik’s Mirror

[video:youtube:HN8Ej0rc4VU] At first I didn’t think this guy was the right person to do a box opening vid for the new Rubik’s puzzle, given the trouble he seems to have with erm.. well opening the box. But keep watching because … Continue reading

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Day two – The Book of Big Concepts

although last night i stayed up until four or five am drinking, taking ritalin and being rude to my beloved, this morning i managed to get into the office at a very respectable 11am.. and as it is now past … Continue reading

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Trekking to the North Pole for Cancer Research

As I trudged through Canary Wharf’s stupidly oversized tube station this fine morning, I encountered several overly jolly people collecting money for a ‘trek to the North Pole for Cancer Research’. It was early in my day so I didn’t … Continue reading

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Jesus Incorporated – or, How Good was your Friday?

Jesus shrugged – not so easy when you are nailed to a tree – and for about the thousandth time that day cursed the other two thirds of the Trinity for talking him into this. Life on Earth was not … Continue reading

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Herman was an ordinary eight year old. He had brown hair, a best friend called Errol and he wanted to be an astronaut. He was perfectly ordinary, but extraordinary things were always happening to him. Extraordinarily often and for as … Continue reading

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