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Boffins develop white suit

Ponca City, We Love You writes “Researchers at Monash University, in Australia, have found a process to coat natural fibers such as wool, silk, and hemp that will automatically remove food, grime, and even red-wine stains by coating their fibers … Continue reading

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an infantologist writes

an online discussion of whether all babies are cute lead to a friend stating this Who said babies are interesting? They need to get out more…. The possibility of life on Mars is interesting, something that dribbles a lot and … Continue reading

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piccies: http://look.onemonkey.org/glast04 it was good but not great.. this was partly due to the energy sapping qualities of mud, the absense of any bands I absolutely had to see & being unable to rendezvous effectively with my nearests & dearests. … Continue reading

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Jesus Incorporated – or, How Good was your Friday?

Jesus shrugged – not so easy when you are nailed to a tree – and for about the thousandth time that day cursed the other two thirds of the Trinity for talking him into this. Life on Earth was not … Continue reading

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we are Kelleher’s monkeys :(

Glastonbury tickets when on sale at 8pm this evening, 6 hours later i & many thousands of others are still redailing the number and attempting to connect to the website. 🙁 This sort of reminded me of something.. In an … Continue reading

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