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Cyrano – Outshining his own legend.

My sister’s first book was published a few weeks ago but I only got hold of it last monday when Amazon finally sent me the copies I’d ordered. (Hopefully this means they are selling it so fast they didn’t have … Continue reading

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Thirty years of restaurants

Last night I went the the Jazz club in the basement of Pizza Express at 10 Dean St. I was surprised. I’d always known there was a jazz club there but I had always imagined that the jazz was something … Continue reading

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Experiments.. in theatre

I know many of you like experiments and that most of you are keen on the theatre. You are all in luck because on the evening of Monday 15th May in the Soho Theatre, London you can enjoy both! Tassos … Continue reading

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Good Evening

The bones of Alistair Cooke, one of the great broadcasters of the twentieth century, were stolen days after he died last year at the age of 95, according to reports in New York. Cooke’s bones were removed by a surgeon … Continue reading

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due to ridiculous amounts of largely unwelcome traffic from google image searches i have removed all the photo galleries from my site.. which is a bit sad and wasn’t completely necessary because i could have just rejigged the locations so … Continue reading

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Return to Berlin £33.31

Ryanair are a wildly successful and profitable company who have the generosity to send me to Berlin and back for £33.31. Exclusive of taxes that is £7.98 for their trouble. I will spend more than that on an over-priced sandwich … Continue reading

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Trekking to the North Pole for Cancer Research

As I trudged through Canary Wharf’s stupidly oversized tube station this fine morning, I encountered several overly jolly people collecting money for a ‘trek to the North Pole for Cancer Research’. It was early in my day so I didn’t … Continue reading

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deadlines, creditlines and trendlines

My final year project is finished and handed in. It was inevitably a mad scramble in the last few days before the deadline and an exhausted anti-climax afterward. But now i’ve caught up on my sleep, i’d do it all … Continue reading

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stupid machine stole my money

these days it seems like even churches & public toilets have cash points. i don’t mind paying a small fee sometimes to find a machine where you wouldn’t otherwise have one but the fucking machine in the Windmill has blatently … Continue reading

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we stayed last night at the swanky Saint Martins Lane Hotel thanks to a cheap deal via Priceline. Unfortunately they couldn’t get us a reduction on the mini-bar and fortunately we didn’t get drunk enough to forget this Tic Tacs……….. … Continue reading

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today, the pound rose against the dollar..

this afternoon driving back from B&Q in Greenwich, there was an enterprising ‘squeegy merchant’ beside the traffic lights selling 10 roses for £3 or 20 for a fiver.. i might even have bought some if only i hadn’t just spent … Continue reading

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Working Memory, Intelligence, Tax Returns & Tunes

My home work is finished I was right on the word-limit, so my discussion was cut short, but given how few marks it is worth i ought not to care, nonetheless my joy and relief at finishing were tempered by … Continue reading

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