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  • From A to Z

    A failed journey i once undertook was to visit the first and last place in a motoring atlas of the british isles… depending on what authority you consult the first is a little village in Somerset called Abbas Combe, the last is the moderately famous village of Zennor not far from Saint Ives in Cornwall.…

  • Fog in Channel – Continent cut off

    http://local.google.co.uk…24.380379&hl=en Google maps uk is literally just that. (Click on title.) Update: Looks like the Register has noticed this too. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/04/29/google_bush_map/

  • you may know me by the company i keep

    in the course of realising that by referring to it, i unwhacked my googlewhack*, i discovered the googletool which displays Pages similar to blog.onemonkey.org I haven’t figured out how they do it but it is interesting. Firstly it is flattering to be compared to pages as good as the very excellent enjoy every sandwich, the…