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Good Evening

The bones of Alistair Cooke, one of the great broadcasters of the twentieth century, were stolen days after he died last year at the age of 95, according to reports in New York. Cooke’s bones were removed by a surgeon … Continue reading

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Day two – The Book of Big Concepts

although last night i stayed up until four or five am drinking, taking ritalin and being rude to my beloved, this morning i managed to get into the office at a very respectable 11am.. and as it is now past … Continue reading

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The Streets of London

Some months ago, after an amazing curry at Tayabs in Whitechapel with 30 friends, three of us travelled home on the tube. We were sharing a can of Strongbow Super Strength (7.4% abv.) and we felt a little like singing. … Continue reading

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Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen & a Moose went to a party

can anyone confirm the veracity of this anecdote from The Act of Creation? Some years ago, at a fancy dress ball – in Monte Carlo, I believe – a competition was held ot decide which among the dozen or so … Continue reading

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The jetset lifestyle of the psycholinguist???

Just read the most bizarre opening paragraph of any academic textbook i’ve ever seen A man walks into a bar after a long trip. He phones his partner and says, “I’m here now”. His partner thinks he is in New … Continue reading

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