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  • Richard Herring is a whimsical man

    We wandered the extensive gardens of the home together and came to a steep grassy bank. When I was six it would have been the most exciting thing in the world to roll down this. But now I was 36 and had an expensive phone and camera in my pockets. So I put the electronic…

  • Richard Herring – Warming up

    http://richardherring.com/warmingup It seems like Richard Herring would sympathise with my last post http://richardherring.com/warmingup/warmingup.php?id=347 In fact, that may even have been him running up the street! http://richardherring.com/warmingup/warmingup.php?id=497

  • Jesus

    “I realised that my problem wasn’t with Christ, but with the hypocrisy of Christians. Jesus is cool. It’s just all the people who follow him that are such idiots…. He’s like the Fonz in that respect.” – Richard Herring

  • Douglas Adams

    Spotted on RichardHerring.Com Subject: Douglas Adams Posted by: Richard Herring on 13/Mar/03 I have to admit that one of the things that made me want to write Warming Up ws the fact that I had just read the Salmon of Doubt and thought it was a shame that Adams hadn’t written more stuff, because all…

  • here’s an example of how it ought to be done.. richard herring – warming up – a well written, authentically funny weblog that is regularly updated. does it inspire us to imitation, shame us into action, or fling us into envious despair and despondancy? all three to a greater or lesser degree, depending mostly on…