do i not like that?

Jack ‘Boots’ Straw is a long time enemy of me and my family. There are various sound reasons some of which i can’t go into but very briefly:
1. He is a politican.
2. He looks objectionable. A lot of people think he resembles the demon headmaster
but I’ve always had this irrational belief he looks like Doctor Mengele. After cursory research it turns out he doesn’t, but I still don’t like him.
3. He says some exceptionally stupid things. No-one had better forget this burst of insanity. Now he’s at it again. As reported in today’s Guardian
he is in the middle east trying to reassure the world that the dumb belligerents who operate the puppet regime in Washington don’t have a shopping list of ‘rogue’ states they wish to globalize. In a moment worth of Dubya himself, Straw declared:

“There is no list and Syria isn’t on it.”

I refer the ‘honourable’ gentleman to the answer i gave some moments ago..

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  1. Jonno says:

    Poor old Joe Mengele! Old Jack gets more and more right wing (and dumb) to please his boss.

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