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been following a left-field discussion on what i like to call the Psychadelic Ape Hypothesis, namely that the cosmic oneness and general grooviness of psycho-active substances could have aided our ancestors in their evolution to higher states of consciousness, such as what we possess these days.. like i said I reckon this is fairly far ‘out there’. here’s my latest contribution.

to reiterate one thing i said earlier, i don’t think there’s anything particularly special about ‘shrooms. one could at a stretch be having similar debate about benefits of alcohol.. it intoxicates and has certainly been known to aid sexual reproduction

there are far bigger problems explaning ‘the basics’ like consciousness, language, social intelligence, general problem solving intelligence & all that jazz. We are far from having the answers and all sorts of people are working on this daily; Psychologists (of which i kind of is one), Neurologists, linguist, cognitive scientists, biologists, anthropologists & even computer nerds.

pharmacology fits into this & there are lots of very cool questions to investigate about how drugs effect our brains, our perceptions and our experiences. (see )
it is highly likely that insights from this area would be very informative to our understanding of our minds.. but sadly this sort of research is very unlikely to be funded. (you can study drugs but only if you are planning to find that they are bad!)

with this in mind, i’ve made it my mission to conduct my own private research project in the effects of intoxicants on my brain & I encourage you to do the same!

you can find the rest right here

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