doing my bit for global warming

oops, I got home tonight and found I had left the hob on! the night before I had a very late supper of soup and toast round midnight. I went to bed without turning the cooker off, then I had gone to work the next morning similarly oblivious. it was a long day at work so it was only at eight this evening that I discovered my oversight.

so I had left an electric ring on for 20 hours straight. no wonder my kitchen was warmer than normal. I’m sure you are thinking that this is a terrible waste of resources but you are wrong! I recently switched my electricity supply to London Electric’s Green Tariff. They promise that every kilowatt I fritter away comes from ‘green’ sources. Thus I have actually been promoting sustainable energy!

‘That’s good,’ you say, ‘but [i]ahh[/i] it will have cost you a lot money!’ Yet again you are wrong. Certainly my swanky green electricity is supposed to be more expensive that dirty brown electricity you probably use, but thanks to a fuck up by LE, all my electricity is charged at night time rates, just a couple of pennies per BTU, one sixth of what it is supposed to cost. ha ha ha!

Everyone’s a winner! (unless this forgetfulness is an early sign of Alzheimer’s!)

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