with this book i thee wed..

i have an occasionally occurring fantasy that i will meet my future wife because i see her reading a really fantastic book on a train.. this is how i know she is a good egg and is also how we get into conversation. (did i mention that i am on the train too?)
mostly i imagine she would be reading haruki murakami or in my wilder fantasies the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam so far it has only come to pass twice and as haruki muraki himself could have told me it wasn’t quite like that..

the first time, i sat across from a woman reading A Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. We exchanged a few pleasantries as a result of my enthusiastic comments about the marvellous book she was reading, before lapsing back to our books smiling. As the train arrived in Liverpool Street we resumed our conversation and were creeping towards a coffee when my lack of ticket pulled me up short. Alas, an unnecessarily protracted altercation with the station staff allowed her to escape my clutches. I may never know if she was ‘the one’ (but her hasty disappearance would suggest not.)

The second time we were both reading Northern Lights by Philip Pullman (did i mention this was a different girl?) This time i got her number before tangling with the authorities and we subsequently met up a few times. But it never really went anywhere. Though, not being too hard on my fantasy, I had finished Northern Lights by then and was rather disappointed by it.

this is all by the by.. i found this today

Wedding Lists

Hatchards Mail Order Department is able to offer a comprehensive Wedding List Service. We will take care of the administration of your list, allowing you more time to concentrate on the big day itself. If you need any assistance compiling a list, we have expert buyers in all subject areas who will be happy to guide you through our extensive stock, answering any questions that you may have. When the list is completed, your friends and family can either consult it in the shop or we will send it out to them. After the wedding you can either collect your books from the shop or we can arrange to deliver them anywhere in the world.

I don’t believe in marriage but this is almost enough to make me change my mind.

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