Stephen Butterfill

From: Stephen Butterfill
Date: Thu Oct 9, 2003 7:33:25 pm Europe/London
Subject: your letter about the meaning of life …

Hi Caspar (if I may),

Thanks for your letter of 1st October. I’m studying questions about belief
and action such as “How do changes in our environment or situation lead to
changes in our views about how things are?” I think this sort of question
ultimately bears on your question about the meaning of life &c, but not very
directly. That said, I’d welcome the chance to discuss it if you’re

The recent philosophers who I think of as addressing your question more
head-on are people like Bernard Williams, Tim Scanlon and Chris Korsgaard.
My favourite is David Velleman who has a short piece from “The Possibility
of Practical Reason” (published by OUP, 2000) on the web at:

I suppose the meaning of life &c is a problem we all face in one way or
another; what’s your take on it?


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