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tatt for two

i’m off to get another tattoo this afternoon, my girlfriend is coming to get the same design too. It is our 7th date! This may seem like exactly the sort of thing that one or both of us will live … Continue reading

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Sarsparilla Vanessa

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quo vadis?

I have a funny relationship with Finnish wellington boot manufacturers Nokia, largely they make me happy but occasionally they do something to confuse or bewilder me. (Much like any other of my relationships.) I love their phones, but they can … Continue reading

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honesty in advertising

I am a believer in online dating so obviously i am a loser but, at the moment, faced with potential success i’ve had to try to discourage the hordes. I’ve changed my profile somewhat Tell us about yourself: So this … Continue reading

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I wish i could rant like this

Why don’t we all strap bombs to our chests and ride our bikes to the next G-7 picnic? It seems easier with every clock tick. But whose will would that represent? Mine? Yours? The rank-and-file’s? Or better yet: the Government’s? … Continue reading

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how to call in sick for the second day running..

yes, eh eh cough wheeze, it’s me.. i’m still not very well — atchoo! atchoo! went a bit feint a few times yesterday, ehuh, ehuh. i think i’m getting bett.. oh errrr. oooo _thud_ _click_ _brrrrrrr_

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Polish Lentil Soup

The nights are drawing in and there is a cold, wet chill in the air that penetrates to the very marrow of our bones. Walking the autumn streets is no longer fun; our easy dawdle replaced by determined strides, hunched … Continue reading

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Fiona Macpherson

Dear Mr. Addyman, Thank you very much for your letter asking about the meaning of life, the universe and everything. I cannot provide you will an answer but I hope to show in what way phiolsophy tries to contibute towards … Continue reading

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how many toilet breaks can one man take?

i resigned last week and now have four tedious weeks of notice to ‘work’. I am even less motivated that I was before and spend all day doing zip. The problem is that this just makes the day even longer. … Continue reading

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Nancy Cartwright

By Post: Dear Mr Addyman I’m sorry. I haven’t a clue how to help with your question! Yours Nancy Cartwright

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