how many toilet breaks can one man take?

i resigned last week and now have four tedious weeks of notice to ‘work’. I am even less motivated that I was before and spend all day doing zip. The problem is that this just makes the day even longer. It feels like these four weeks may last the rest of my life. I do my best, i come in a 1/2hr late, take 1&1/2 for lunch and leave at cinq sur le nez but the intervening hours just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

There’s only so much surfing I can do and this place does not inspire me to write my autobiography. I’m mastering the art of sleeping with my eyes open (the boredom is great for inducing lucid dreaming.)

How times can i plausibly go to the toilet in one day without arousing fear or suspicion? What else can I do to take the piss?

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  1. citydreams says:

    have you tried un-peeling the carpet… you could then always have a souveneer of time well spent..

    or, I find taking the screws out of desks mildly rewarding…

    c u

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