tatt for two

i’m off to get another tattoo this afternoon, my girlfriend is coming to get the same design too. It is our 7th date!

This may seem like exactly the sort of thing that one or both of us will live to regret but if you think like that then you’ll never do anything. admittedly not everyone would want a permanent reminder of past foolishness indelibly gouged into their flesh but we think we’ve got a cool design, a good (if geeky) reason for getting it and it’s just the sort of thing one would like to be able to regret in future years.

Indeed if i do change so much in the passing years that i do come to hate it then that in itself will be a great regret and an inky reminder of my current vivacity is the least legacy my present self can bequeath to that dull future me i’m hoping not to turn into.


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