persistent vegetive state

in the words of the song i get no kick from champagne and mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all.. though those marvellous lyrics have a frisson about them and i do occasionally get enthusiastic around very, very expensive champagne and come to think of it most alcohol is pretty damn fantastic too.
but still, here i am fighting vainly that old ennui.. or i would be fighting if i wasn’t so ennuied and hence can’t summon up the energy to attack my own lethargy.
i don’t even get a kick out of you, whoever you are & while cocaine is not to be sniffed at, it doesn’t seem to add any depth to my perceptions of this existential apathy. so far this year i have got very drunk then spent three days mostly asleep.. my first calendar year as a full-time part-time student is so far playing straight out of the textbook.

About caspar

Caspar is just one monkey among billions. Battering his keyboard without expectations even of peanuts, let alone of aping the Immortal Bard. By day he is an infantologist at Birkbeck Babylab, by night he runs
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