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February Reading List

Here’s what i read this month: If nobody speaks of remarkable things – Jon Macgregor A debut novel set in a suburban street in some northern town, revolving around the events of one sunday afternoon and the aftermath. the ‘prose … Continue reading

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do i need therapy?…apy_access.html I took online test at to determine if i need therapy.. :crazy: Although your scores were generally quite good, you scored well outside the normal range in at least one category. This suggests that you should probably consult … Continue reading

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Spring-cleaning my hard-drive I found some notes for a novel i started to write back in 1995: Synopsis: The narrator has just abandoned a successful city career with bold plans for a complete change to his life. After the initial … Continue reading

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today, the pound rose against the dollar..

this afternoon driving back from B&Q in Greenwich, there was an enterprising ‘squeegy merchant’ beside the traffic lights selling 10 roses for £3 or 20 for a fiver.. i might even have bought some if only i hadn’t just spent … Continue reading

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The jetset lifestyle of the psycholinguist???

Just read the most bizarre opening paragraph of any academic textbook i’ve ever seen A man walks into a bar after a long trip. He phones his partner and says, “I’m here now”. His partner thinks he is in New … Continue reading

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ken-ya! completely fantastic!! 😀

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anything but a quiet life

you know what they say: ~` live fast, die with your car wrapped round a tree ‘~ in the last three months Ade & eye have been doing exactly that, racing hell for leather to where-ever they’ll let us in, … Continue reading

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