yay! I have finally rented out my flat and remortgaged it all in the space of a couple of hours. It does mean i will have to paint over my hallway [sniff] and put all my furniture and most of my books into storage but time to move on!

oh, and I suppose I’ll have to find somewhere new to live!

I also learnt that Pomology is the science of fruit!
It’s been a productive morning. 😀


2 responses to “homeless”

  1. Acutally, Pomonology means apple in latin.
    And in Italian, too.

  2. I knew the etymology, i just didn’t know there were whole univeristy departments dedicated to it with professors of pomology!

    this is one of the best apparently (home to Prof Vic Voth!!)



    http://fruitsandnuts.ucdavis.edu 😀

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