Jamie Ward – Synaesthete spotter

Went to a good seminar today all about synaesthesia, progress in understanding it is coming thick and fast.. mostly it seems due to the guy who gave the talk – Jamie Ward (at least that’s his version!)

here’s some of the cool bits:

  • patterns of inheritance suggest it is due to something on X chromosone.
  • yet can get female MZ twins where one has it & other doesn’t
  • colour-letter associations predict colour-word associations especially for 1st consonant and/or vowel (there are cases which demonstrate a dissociation.)
  • yet taste-word associations are phoneme related (phoneme co-occurance) and moreover often tied to similar sounding foods (Russia ‘tastes like’ mushrooms, friday like fried egg! )
  • can get stroop interference between percieved letter/number colour and it’s ink, or between tones and colours
  • music/tone-colour association is almost exclusively found in presence of word/phoneme-colour association (rarely on its own) and it is significantly linked to formal musical education – parallel between learning letters and learning musical notation leading to the associations
  • functional imaging shows some adjacency between taste-speech areas & colour-lexical areas
  • exact neural mechanisms not known but Simon Baron-Cohen theory of lack of neonatal pruning of connections between adjacent areas is probably wrong… more likely that associations are via cross-modal connections to semantic or higher perceptual areas

more.. http://www.syn.ucl.ac.uk

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