if only tiny babies would do what you told them we new parents would get a lot more sleep.. was up all night nursing my nipper. the early part of the night went quite smoothly, the wee thing made stirling progress and in the process i became disturbingly nerdy.. i was supposed to have put all that behind me but at certain points i did catch myself euphorically thinking how cool the software i was using and writing was 🙄

please don’t tell anyone! 😉

anyway, the early progress was somewhat stayed by its staunch refusal to learn the more tricky tasks i set it. most frustatingly this is clearly my fault since i frankensteined the bloody thing. poked around in its intestines for a while but couldn’t figure out what i’d sewed up wrong.

eventually, went to lie down and seek inspiration on the inside of my eyelids.. whereupon i had lots of dreams about baby-sitting several small babies all of whom wanted to do dangerous things.. having to continually chase after them and try to prevent them from play with an open fire or balance on a wobbly coffee table.

(it doesn’t take ziggy freud to figure that one out)


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