do get mad!

have just moved to firefox (for osx) and thank fuck i did.. I stuck with safari too long when plainly it sucks..

especially at stuff like this..typing in things.. firstly the edit window is painfully slow… even my crappy typing is too fast for it, especially with all the mistakes i make and have to go back to correct.. (that last sentance would have taken at least twice as long to write in safari) secondly the safari edit window has no control-z, no undo… this can be fukkin annoying if you accidently highlight a paragraph and backspace.. which is easier than should be since safari highlights whole editbox when you tab into it… perhaps to even this out safari is glacial at highlighting text you want to copy & paste, it completely ignores where the cursor was when you first clicked and actually starts highlighting from where it is 2.5 seconds later.. very very annoying.

i should have realised something was wrong when i was composing journal entries in a text editor and then pasting them in. not anymore..

it’s not as ‘lickable’ but that’s a small price

so now mozilla have solved my problems expect more updates!

I’ve been told that Camino is even better (if you get the nightlie build) – i’m using it now – it certainly gives me back the lickablilty!


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