I am book cross

piles of unwanted books [sniff] I helped some friends move house on last Thursday, it made me painfully aware of the volume of junk I posses. Lots of heavy possession which will have to lunk out of my flat in a short while. I’ve resolved to rid myself of much of it but there’s a problem. Most of the volume is books; Nearly 40 yards (c32 metres) of the blessed things.

As I will be moving out of spacious accomodation into a pokey little room, I cannot really take them all with me. I don’t really want to box them all up and put them into dusty storage either. But I cannot bear to part with any. I’ve tried going through and finding some to throw but as you can see so far I’ve only managed to find about 10 feet’s worth I’m prepared to part with.

Most will be going to local charity shops in a series of highly anonymous hit and runs, because much as i’d like to put a load of them on my bookcrossing bookshelf there is a problem…

the only books i am prepared to part with are the ones i can barely admit to having owned, or else they are likely to be the ones i haven’t enjoyed. Still, at least they’ll be free and I’ll be free of them


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  1. I always think it’s an act of charity to leave a pile of books on long distance trains.

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