Adam’s Apple, Eve’s Bean

Reading The Anatomist by Federico Andahazi in order to learn about the clitoris, I actually found out something new about the male anatomy. Or, at least about it’s etymology. Hard though it is to conceive but the biblical significance or origin of Adam’s Apple had never occured to me. Obviously I got the bit about Adam but I had always missed the bite of the Apple!

In the book it was used with it’s original imagery, the Anatomist defending his discoveries to a Inquistorial board of Cardinals talks of Adam & Eve and of forbidden fruit (and naturally of male & female anatomy.) Seeing “Adam’s Apple” in the context enlightenment struck me followed swiftly by dumbfoundment that I had never noticed this before.

Mind you it didn’t tell me anything new about the nubbin of love. Nothing you girls didn’t already know & nothing you wouldn’t tell us if only we’d ask. Or, more likely you do and it’s us who don’t listen! Though it is hard to hear with your thighs at our ears!

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