Aloadof Orlando?

This was the Urban 75 book group choice for July

Apparently I described it as “The Bluffer’s Guide to Bloomsbury” … I don’t remember saying that but I will gladly take the credit.. It is certainly inline with my opinion & is the sort of thing i might say

I didn’t hate the book but thought that without the background knowledge, without the intro & notes in the book it was pretty weak.. it didn’t stand on its own as a story, the ‘wit’ was weak and the writing workmanlike.

if you were fully aware of the biographical background and real-life source of the characters, incidents and so forth then it starts to look quite a clever construction.. if you add in considerations about it’s ‘postmodern’ appreciation of the impossibility of true biography then you have to admit it was ahead of it’s time but that does let you escape from fact that it is ever so slightly dull.

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