freak alert! freak alert!

Boarding the 08:13 into town this morning I saw a freak!

He had the appearance of an Oofy Prosser or a Gussie Fink-Nottle (I always forget which is which.) One of those frog like faces with protruding eyes, a big flabby neck and no discernible chin, his skin has the unappealling pallor of the undead.

Add to that the fact that he had black brilliantine hair, looking like a nylon wig, it springy volume combed into a left-parted helmet and that his pear-shaped frame was contained in a black three piece chalkstripe suit with a red silk tie. Then the evidence is overwhelming, he was a freak!

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Caspar is just one monkey among billions. Battering his keyboard without expectations even of peanuts, let alone of aping the Immortal Bard. By day he is an infantologist at Birkbeck Babylab, by night he runs
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