one more reason to shop at… er… safeway

a couple of weeks ago I was vindicated in an uncertain descision not to desert dessert and to have the cheese course at dinner with my beloved and her lovely mother. I am not normally a three-course diner but what harm can a little cheese do, it didn’t and beside some lovely rubbery stuff, I had the new experience of chilli cheddar, discovering on my plate a deep orange triangle of cheddar flecked through with the redness of chilli powder. It was very good… or so i thought.

Tonight in Safeway I espied some similarly coloured cheese, for sale under the moniker of Morrison’s Mexicana Cheddar cheese. If anything it looked odder, the red flecks were more than specks, they appeared to be tiny shreds of green and red. Tasting sed red cheddar later at my leisure I can confirm that it is superb. Whereas the first version of this I had tasted had an undeniable chilli-ness to it, this one had freshness and piquancy redolent of the very best Mexican salsas. Viva Ken Morrison!

Go fill your boots.

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