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just heard the first episode of the new HHGTTG..

it was great to have it back & obviously it is never going to be as good as the real thing but glad they’ve finally gone and done it. 😀

I think the biggest problem is that they’ve made too much use of modern techniques.. it’s too frantic, too much slick editing & ‘storytelling’ & too many superfluous sound effects and intrusive ambient background noises.

The beauty of the original was that all the truly outlandish stuff existed only in your imagination extrapolating after your fashion from Douglas Adams’ wonderful words.. overlaying all the squooshes and radiophonics distracts my feeble non-multitasking male brain and doesn’t convey the images I want to be there.. (e.g. really didn’t need to act out wowbagger bit like that .. just [i]tell[/i] me i’ll understand 🙁 )

mind you Arthur, Ford, Zaphod & Marvin were still themselves & nothing wrong with Trillian or the Book. 🙂

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