Waking up at seven am engulfed in acrid black smoke after an evening spent celebrating atheism made me think I may have offended the gods somewhere along the line. Actually, I kind of had a small kitchen fire!

I had been drinking free wine courtesy of the lovely atheists at the New Humanist relaunch party. I then & my glamorous companion went on drinking over-priced wine at Le Palais du Jardin, and then drinking a number of exhorbitant whisky & coke’s at Thirteen (Gerrard St) All very good fun.

When I got home at 3am I thought it would be a good idea to heat up some Polish Lentil Soup I had made earlier in the week. It was a good idea, it was just poorly executed. I turn the hob on under the pan & kind of got distracted. By a letter that hoped “to show in what way philosophy tries to contribute towards an answer”. So you see I had to read it, i had to read it lying down on my bed, and then I had put it to one side, rest my head on the pillow and try to think about it, this proved too much so I merely smiled to myself about my lovely evening. I drifted away.

Several hours later there was thick black smoke throughout the house & my brain finally considered that this was sufficiently unusual to interrupt my dreams. (I wish I could remember what they were, they are certain to have been deeply symbolic.) I stumbled into consciousness, coughing and confused, I figured out what was wrong, turned the power off, opened all the windows and went back to bed, breathing through my pillow.

The effect on the pan can be seen below, a black burnt smell will linger here for weeks and i will probably seem slightly frazzled tonight. Oop.

On the positive side, it is the best excuse I have ever given for not
going into work and all the more so for being genuine.


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