Bushbot? Make the lie higher.

This is the first article I’ve seen about the presidential race that includes references from Acta Psychologica or the Psychological Bulletin.. as some guy tries to persuade us that the NLP cues prove that Bush was wired in the debates and was listening to prompts.

Bellaciao – Bushís Eyes Speak Volumes

But this particular argument from authority is sadly rather flimsy.. almost all the references are at least 20years old and appear to be merely tacked on to lend credibility.

Maybe a ‘real’ psychologist would be a better authority. Or we could just resignedly accept that this is another half-truth (aka probable falsehood) we will never see settled.

But when you consider the utterly incredible actual lies that have been caught, exposed, proved and completely ignored, this doesn’t wind you up so much, does it?

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