nanowrimo a go go

last night I figured out an ending for my november novel..

this is a double-edged sword, on one side it is a great ending and so I know where the book is going and where i have to get to, On the other, i’ve less excuse for not actually wimping out of this undertaking.. i already had characters, i had conflicts and in an appropriate context, I even had a subtext (or two) but I had absolutely no idea how to end the blessed thing. (or write it! but that’s a story for next month)

so come november i was set to just get my head down and plough on hoping for inspriation. last night, i had my head down, ploughing ahead with something else, concentrating on other things, when suddenly everything came to a climax.

and it’s great.. erotic, unexpected, slightly unsettling but life-affirming, and ultimately satisfying.

oh and I may cheat with my opening paragraph, using 160 words I wrote in january!

49940 words to go! bring on november!

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