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OK. I need your help.

Last night my woman and I had very similar dreams. Iím quite happy to accept that this is coincidence, but Miss XX is not. Sheís a Pagany sort, who likes to see meaning in this sort of thing. She knows I donít. But hereís the rub. She wants to know how I can explain the coincidence. And she isnít very convinced so far. So what arguments can I use?

as you describe it, it not even a very impressive coincidence, i’m afraid

Imagine that in the course of a year you dream most nights and remember half a dozen elements of each dream. same goes for your other half. chances are quite high that on occasion just at random you would have strongly overlapping themes, even if you were complete strangers.

now add into that the fact you do a lot of the same things, go to the same places and see the same people in raises those chances.

finally, add in the fact that you have very little way of objectively comparing your dreams.. neither of you will remember them all that clearly, many aspects will be highly personalised to you and though you try to descibe them with the vividness you experience, the other person will reconstruct it in terms familiar to them, creating two very similar accounts in their own mind (and vice versa) whilst actually being at cross purposes.

And if he/she/you/they/I are still convinced of something ‘spooky’ what exactly is that spooky essence? what does it do? why do we have it? why is it so weak, feeble and impossible to find under laboratory conditions?

David Marks explains it well..

this article explains how he explains it..


ooh, ooh, ooh.. you could both keep dream diaries for a month and compare them, it would be fun whatever you find

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