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I do hope Munger and Munger keep up their excellent (almost) daily reporting of interesting recently published cognitive psychology papers. They aim to explain actual research in simple language but without simplifying the conceptual complexity. So far they are succeeding admirably.

two set of eyes

Whenever I dip into current editions of psychology journals I find stuff that, although it is interesting to me, I would have a hard time describing down the pub. And sure enough so much of current research is tied up with teasing apart academic subtleties or dissecting the dry and obtuse complexities of some forbidding methodology. There are occasionally psychologists who get bees drunk or teach rats brains to fly planes but mostly not. And even in these case I have difficulty explaining why they did it.

Dave & Greta are rather better at extracting the interesting nuggets of pub fodder and explaining to an audience of enebriates or uninitiates. Sometimes without even needing to resort to words.

For example, these two pictures elegantly illustrating that cues for eye-direction detection include the contours of the surrounding face.

i pick bachelor number two

It would be too much to hope that a few science journalists would learn from this?

I like Dave’s other site too.

Cognitive Daily

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