more mead, honey?

Scene – late at night in a campus bar at Ohio State University, some time in 2002

Julie Mustard – you know what, geri?
Geraldine Wright – wassat, jules?
J – bees are cool!
G – bees are cool!
J – they’re yellow and they’re black and they can fly!
G – they can make honey and beeswax
J – they have those baskets on their legs for pollen
G – yeah, those are cool, what are they called?
J – pollen baskets (Editor’s note – corbiculae)
G – on their knees, bees-knees
J – they are the bees-knees
G – hee hee
J – and they can dance
G – I want to study bees
J – yeah, I want to study bees
G – want another beer?
J – yeah, another beer.. I want to study another beer!
G – beer… bees… beer… bees..
J – hey, like beer and bees are next to each other in the dictionary. B-E-E-R and B-E-E-S, that’s so cool
G – I wonder what happens when bees drink beer?
J – I want to study bees drinking beer.
G – Yeah, that would be so cool.

what happened next


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