SCUM-tek, Lee Valley Sports Ground, E15

SCUM-tek, Lee Valley Sports Ground, E15

No that is not just the camera, life was blurry by that point. Spent saturday into sunday afternoon at SCUM-tek, It was very, very good

It was in a huge disused ground in east london. we got there a bit after mid-night and there were about 8 major rigs set up and quite a few smaller ones.. with search-lights, lasers and lots and lots of techno.. people kept coming all night until there easily a couple of thousand partying.

was a great atmosphere and It just kept going.. when the sun came up in the morning, a lot of us threw ourselves down on the thick freshly cut hay that was every-where and took a little break. plenty of others just kept going. the music started to diversify too and we had roots, reggae, dnb, and all sorts besides.

all was good until a few police turned up and started issuing noise orders (but it was besiide a motorway for ffs) in the end there was just one stage still running and when eventually the police tried to turn that off, there was something of a stand-off, that nearly degenerated into a riot. In the end they left, pelted with empty cans. but not before confiscating an expensive amp rack and arresting a couple of people.

best party i’ve been to in a long time, and cheered me after a miserable end to the week.

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